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Oren Hodak started KOreps in 2009 after working for Mark Cuban and HDnet for a number of years. Backed by a master‘s degree in Sports Marketing & Management, he initially had plans of working in the front office of an NBA team. Organically, KOreps was born after he was sought out by more and more fighters. Over the years KOreps has grown into one of, if not the top full service representation companies in the sport of MMA.

KOreps was established to bring mixed martial arts athletes an organization that will be in their corner fighting for their best interest. Our ultimate goal as an agency is to maximize exposure and earning potential for our athletes both inside and outside of the cage.

As a full service agency, we pride ourselves in being the industry leader for endorsement deals and brand partnerships. Our innovative and forward thinking approach has allowed us to partner with many non endemic brands for successful marketing campaigns. We work with fighters on all levels from pro debuts all the way up to UFC champions that we have developed from the early stages as a prospect.

If you are a brand that would like to discuss partnerships or an athlete that is looking for representation, feel free to contacts us at