UFC Fight For The Troops- GovX

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On November 6th, the UFC will host a Fight For The Troops event taking place at Fort Campbell Military Base in Kentucky.  We’re excited to welcome yet another  new sponsor into the Octagon surrounding this one of a kind event. 

GovX is the largest e-commerce network devoted to exclusively serving verified U.S. Military personnel and government first responders, along with their families, by offering privileged pricing on sports and event tickets, in addition to thousands of premium products. 

”I am incredibly excited to be selected as one of the first UFC fighters sponsored by GovX,” Roop said. “I might spend my whole sponsor check on the GovX website. They have bad ass products and they may be the coolest sponsor ever. KOreps and Oren Hodak have been by my side for a number of years now, and things just keep getting better.”

In addition to Roop, the sponsor will have placement provided by KOreps on military veterans – Liz Carmouche, Neil Magny and Colton Smith.

Follow GovX on twitter for contests surrounding the event and sponsorship! https://twitter.com/ShopGovX/


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