When Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon square off at UFC 155 this weekend, they will have more then just KOreps in their corner.  Both athletes utilize TRX training in their strength and conditioning programs.  TRX has become incredibly popular amongst MMA fighters along with many fitness enthusiasts across the world.  Check out some pictures of Jim and Joe training with the TRX.

Some people want to dominate the basketball court. Others want to beat their best race time, recover their pre-baby body or run a sub six-minute mile. Whoever you are and whatever you’re training for, TRX can help you master movement patterns and develop the strength and conditioning you need to reach your goals. With roots in the US Navy SEALs, TRX offers you the same portable and highly versatile training tools that hundreds of pro athletes and all four branches of the US military use to prepare for sport and combat.


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