Reebok Spartan Race Recap

The elite heat boasted many familiar Spartan Race competitors rubbing shoulders with not one, but two KOreps fighters. Jamie Varner, fresh from his conquest of the Vegas Super (8 miles), was joined by Johnny Hendricks to see how a Spartan Sprint (4.5 miles with approximately 15 different obstacles) shapes up with a fight in the … Read moreReebok Spartan Race Recap

Jamie Varner back in action!

On April 6 in Las Vegas, Jamie Varner will look to conquer a race inspired by his ancestors. The proud Greek will compete in a Spartan Race event, the world’s leading obstacle race. The different obstacles at each event location can include elements such as fire, mud, water, and barbed wire. The 28-year-old is recovering … Read moreJamie Varner back in action!

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