Reebok Spartan Race Recap


The elite heat boasted many familiar Spartan Race competitors rubbing shoulders with not one, but two KOreps fighters. Jamie Varner, fresh from his conquest of the Vegas Super (8 miles), was joined by Johnny Hendricks to see how a Spartan Sprint (4.5 miles with approximately 15 different obstacles) shapes up with a fight in the octagon. Jamie came through the finish line first with a time of 56m 44s, with Hendricks not far behind – both extremely impressive times.

Both Jamie and Johny’s time belie their statuses as fighters over that as runners. These times vastly outdid those who would label their hobbies as either running or trail running. With their respective times beating close to 7000 other runners that weekend, they represented the MMA community well.

Check out some pictures and video from the race below:

Highlight clips from the May 18th event –

Pre race workout video of Varner –



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