Krzysztof Soszynski – KSOS System Powered by Xyience

You may not have heard from Krzysztof Soszynski recently inside the UFC Octagon, but he’s still staying very busy. Last year, many MMA fans may recall KSOS in  the movie “Here Comes The Boom” featuring star actor, Kevin James. This appearance opened the door to a number of additional opportunities for the 36-year-old Polish Canadian.  When not on set shooting for a movie, KSOS can be found doing what he loves most…helping people master his special conditioning program, the KSOS System.  He is currently doing this at the UFC gym location in Torrence, California as the head MMA trainer.

Fight fans in attendance for the November 16th UFC event featuring GSP vs. Johny Hendricks will have a few different chances to meet KSOS.  Follow @Xyience on twitter for event info!

Check out this video behind the scenes of a KSOS System workout powered by Xyience –

Video from a KSOS System seminar at Octagon MMA gym in Dallas, Texas –       


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