Jamie Varner back in action!

On April 6 in Las Vegas, Jamie Varner will look to conquer a race inspired by his ancestors. The proud Greek will compete in a Spartan Race event, the world’s leading obstacle race. The different obstacles at each event location can include elements such as fire, mud, water, and barbed wire.

The 28-year-old is recovering from a hand injury that has kept him out of action since his UFC 155 victory over Melvin Guillard.  He looks at Spartan Race as a change of pace in his strength and conditioning training. His next UFC bout should be booked sometime soon, but until then, stay tuned to KOreps.com and twitter for exclusive coverage of his Spartan experience.

Check out some of the amazing event images on the Spartan Race Facebook page which has a following of 2.5 million likes. https://www.facebook.com/spartanrace?ref=ts


Video from Jim Miller competing at a previous Spartan Race event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj88mUzL3L8

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