Chris Demspey Signs With UFC

KOreps is proud to announce that we have signed Chris Dempsey to the UFC! Training out of The Mat Factory in Pennsylvania under Isaac Greeley, the fighter has put together a 10-1 record.  He will make his debut on July 19th in Ireland against Ilir Latifi.  Dempsey has won his last eight bouts with the four most recent coming by way of a finish.

Dempsey was recently a free agent in regards to management and seeking different opportunities to advance his career.  While it was nice having a steady home with Gladiators of the Cage, different doors were opening.  Often times when a young athlete starts putting together a nice record, the phone will ring with managers wanting to represent the fighter.  Usually a young fighter will hear the big talk (SHOW ME THE MONEY!) and get excited about promises which may or may not come true.  Unfortunately a handful of agents only care about throwing the athlete into action and collecting a percentage of the fight purse.  Chris found himself in just that situation. Most young fighters jump all over these calls and sign with whomever will take them to the UFC quickest. Chris took his time to do homework on the different companies and gather full information.  These discussions lead him to then call upon KOreps.

Perhaps other agents could have placed this athlete into the UFC or thrown him to the wolves when he wasn’t ready for the action, but Chris chose to wait it out.  Would those agents have fought to get the athlete a fight purse that he deserved?  Would they work to promote the athlete so the general public is more aware of him leading up to that UFC debut?  Would they align the athlete with recognizable brands for sponsorship and marketing opportunities?  In most cases, some agents don’t put forth the full effort that the athlete deserves.  Many times you will hear people talking about different agents being ‘the best in the biz’ but do we really know?  Not many fighters know exactly what others are making so how can they compare.  Anybody that openly talks about numbers isn’t professional and is probably lying.  If an athlete has only been with one agent how would they really know if his agent is the best or if the grass is greener.  It is a sad reality that many athletes aren’t aware of the opportunities that are out there.  They just need to do the homework!  The decision for Dempsey to partner with a group that could fully handle his contract negotiating in regards to fights and be prepared to align the marketing/sponsorship opportunities will turn out to be a fruitful one.

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